North American Pelusios
Studbook & Record
Pelusios Species Summary
Pelusios adansonii (Schweigger, 1812)
Pelusios bechuanicus (FitzSimons, 1932)
Pelusios broadleyi (Bour, 1986)
Pelusios carinatus (Laurent, 1956)
Pelusios castaneus (Schweigger, 1812)
Pelusios c. castanoides (Hewitt, 1931)
Pelusios c. intergularis (Bour, 1983)
Pelusios chapini (Laurent, 1965)
Pelusios cupulatta (Bour & Maran, 2003)
Pelusios gabonensis (Duméril, 1856)
Pelusios marani (Bour, 2000)
Pelusios nanus (Laurent, 1956)
Pelusios niger (Duméril & Bibron, 1835)
P. n. niger - nominate black form
P. n. "rayonnant" - radiated form
Pelusios rhodesianus (Hewitt, 1927)
**Pelusios seychellensis (Siebenrock, 1906)
Pelusios sinuatus (Smith, 1838)
Pelusios s. parietalis (Bour, 1983)
Pelusios s. subniger (Lacepède, 1788)
Pelusios upembae (Broadley, 1981)
Pelusios w. laurenti (Bour, 1984)
Pelusios w. lutescens (Laurent, 1965)
Pelusios w. williamsi (Laurent, 1965)
** P. seychellensis is believed to be extinct.

Africa, Madagascar, and some of the Seychelles Islands

All species rely on aquatic habitats (rivers, lakes, ponds, watering holes, swamps, seasonal wetlands, etc.). Many species will estivate during
the dry season.

Protected/Conservation Status

: collection for bush meat, some species of Pelusios have very restricted ranges

*Export quota totals and ISIS holdings for specific Pelusios species are to be considered unreliable due to high occurrences of
misidentification especially of P. subniger, P. niger, and P. gabonensis. The three afore mentioned species are nearly
non-existent in captive collections with more than 95% of identified individuals being P. castaneus.

Pelusios adansonii
CITES III - Ghana (removed 2007);
-does not occur naturally in Ghana

Pelusios broadleyi
IUNC 2007 Red List: Vulnerable (needs updating)

Pelusios castaneus
CITES III - Ghana (removed 2007)

Pelusios c. castanoides
IUNC 2007 Red List: Least Concern (needs updating)

Pelusios c. intergularis
Range Country Protection: Seychelles WAPR: Protected
IUNC 2007 Red List: Critically Endangered

Pelusios gabonensis
CITES III - Ghana (removed 2007)
Pelusios niger
CITES III - Ghana (removed 2007)

Pelusios rhodesianus
IUNC 2007 Red List: Least Concern

Pelusios seychellensis
IUNC 2007 Red List: Extinct

Pelusios s. subniger
IUNC 2007 Red List: Least Concern

Pelusios s. parietalis
Range Country Protection: Seychelles WAPR: Protected
IUNC 2007 Red List: Critically Endangered

Pelusios upembae
IUNC 2007 Red List: Data Deficient
The genus Pelusios is comprised of eighteen species and nine subspecies with
only a handful of species currently in captivity in any numbers.
Pelusios castaneus continues to arrive in large numbers through importers and
are distributed by retail pet stores (private and chains). Other species of Pelusios are
brought in by importers but are selectively held back for direct sale to private
Of the known Pelusios in captivity in the U.S. both Pelusios castaneus and
Pelusios sinuatus have successfully reproduced with more species expected to in
the very near future.
Husbandry techniques are known for broadleyi, carinatus, castaneus,
castanoides, chapini, cupulatta, gabonensis, niger, rhodesianus, sinuatus, williamsi,
and upembae.