Diet & Feeding
Below are links to sites that you will find reliable and up to date information pertaining to
conservation, research, and husbandry.
Conservation, Research, & Captive Husbandry
Classification & Systematics
The best reference on Pelomedusidae (African
side neck) turtles; including their taxonomy,
husbandry, and conservation. Hands down the
best reference out there, period.
A joint interdisciplinary working group of the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle
(TFTSG) and Conservation Breeding Specialist Groups (CBSG).
PDF copies of the TSA Newsletter are available online and a great source of information
on current conservation efforts world wide. Consider becoming a member.
ATCN includes profiles of conservation projects, an online library, reports &
publications, and field guide to Asian turtles.
Their focus is on captive breeding programs and the management of chelonian
assurance colonies with the long term goal of providing stocks for future
repatriation within native range of extirpated species. Excellent online species
accounts pertaining to their captive husbandry and breeding.
WCT promotes conservation to assure the
survival of all tortoises and freshwater
turtles. Extensive resources including articles
on captive husbandry, breeding,
conservation, genus & species care sheets,
in addition to medical and taxonomic issues.
Offers online courses and numerous articles
on chelonian conservation and captive
husbandry as well as some species specific
care sheets.
publishes research on turtles and tortoises of the world.
Here you find links to three exceptional publications:
Chelonian Conservation and Biology -International
Journal of Turtle and Tortoise Research
Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
Database and maps of the location of every species of freshwater and
land turtle that has been collected by a museum, private individual, or
referenced in a publication. Continuation of Iverson's 1992 book "A
Revised Checklist with Distribution Maps of the Turtles of the World."
Online version of the 1989 book "Turtles of the
World" by Ernst and Barbour. Includes an index
and keys to the genera and species.
Offers online courses and numerous articles
on chelonian conservation and captive
husbandry as well as some species specific
care sheets.
The goal of the ESF is the conservation of reptiles and amphibians
in captivity. Each studbook report is a wonderful resource to
further your understanding of species in your care in addition to
the opportunity to make contacts with like-minded individuals.
Oliver Römpp's website on the captive husbandry and breeding of
chelodina species. This also includes his very detailed instructions
for making turtle pudding.
If you would like to link to this site please just drop me a quick e-mail and use one of the banners provided above. Thank you.
A forum managed by the ESF studbook keeper for Heosemys grandis
discussing all aspects of Giant Asian pond turtles: captive care,
reproduction, health issues, nutrition, and exchange of animals for breeding.
Private Breeders
A reliable source for healthy captive bred turtles & tortoises including
Pelomedusa. This site includes excellent discussions on incubation, turtle
book lists, and extensive species accounts.
Conservation Biology of Freshwater Turtles
and Tortoises
Chelonian Research Monographs – Number 5
Published by Chelonian Research Foundation
-Excellent individual species accounts
including Pelomedusa and Pelusios
The North American Pelusios & Pelomedusa Studbook and Record (NAPPSR) are the first
sub-studbooks under the ESF. Through this collaborative pro-active project, breeders of Pelusios
& Pelomedusa in North America and Europe will work closely to ensure that stable long-term
breeding groups are established before wild populations are in need of greater protection.
Private breeders in Italy with a focused interest in the captive husbandry of Asian
and American freshwater turtles. Also available to order is
Freshwater turtles and
terrapins: the complete guide
with more than sixty individual species accounts. - all rights reserved 2007-2010