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DIY Project - Rubbermaid Incubator
DIY - Rubbermaid Incubator
This is the same incubator I have had running since 1997 and I've only had to replace
the heater once. I am planning on trying a new homemade design this spring in addition
to the current one and will update the page should it prove successful.

This incubator design is quite simple. One large sweater storage container and two to four
standard plastic shoe boxes. The shoe boxes are filled with a 1:1 play sand /peat moss mixture
that is wetted down with water to the point that it clumps together when squeezed without water
dripping out. The sides have 1/8" holes drilled near the top around the entire perimeter of the
shoe box to allow for air exchange. The shoe boxes are raise above the water level using scrap
pieces of ceramic tiles and a submersible aquarium heater is added. Temperatures are
maintained at 28 C and realative humidity at 95 - 100 %. A standard aquarium thermometer is
pressed into the substrate to monitor temperature as well a humidity guage. I strongly
recommend using a digital thermometer & humidity guage every three days or so to get more
precise readings as the dial type humidity guages are not reliable and I have since stopped using
them. The lid on the sweater box is opened every other day to allow for an exchange of oxygen
in the incubator and take readings.

This incubator will accomodate up to four shoe box sized containers (stacked) and is fast to
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