Diet & Feeding
The African helmeted turtle, Pelomedusa subrufa, is the most wide
spread species of fresh water turtle in Africa found throughout all of
sub-Sahara Africa as well as western and southern Madagascar.

It inhabits both temporary and permanent bodies of water (marshes,
swamps, ponds, creeks, rain ditches), and watering holes sharing these
habitats with everything from crocodiles to large mammals.

There are reports of Pelomedusa cleaning the parasites off of hippos,
which I am fairly certain occurs considering they also use them as
basking sites (see the video below). It should be noted that
Pelomedusa are seldom found in heavily forested areas.

It might be said that the best way to provide proper housing in
captivity for an animal is to observe it first in its natural environment
and then try and "replicate" those conditions as accurately as possible.

The windows below are of Pelomedusa in their natural environment.
These however are only snapshots of the daily/annual cycles of a single
environment in which Pelomedusa inhabit. If you would like to observe
the natural cycle 24/7 year round follow the link to the Nkorho Africam,
you'll be amazed at what happens in a day in the life of these turtles.
Range map of Pelomedusa subrufa
The EMYSystem has additional distributional maps of most of the
world's turtle species excluding sea turtles.
For locale specific distribution maps follow the banner link.
I am particularly
interested in the above
video showing a beautiful

young P.s. nigra caught
along side a road in the
Djuma Game Reserve,
Kruger Park, South Africa
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