When considering joining a studbook it is strongly recommended that all individuals take the time to review
all the materials available and ask questions. You can find the answers to most of your questions on the ESF
(especially the F.A.Q. page) however do not hesitate to contact the studbook keeper with any
question(s) you might have.

Why start the NAPPSR?
The TSA lists Pelusios and Pelomedusa as Category 7 because the populations of Pelusios and Pelomedusa remain stable throughout
continental Africa, however those populations found both on Madagascar and the Seychelles Islands are in facing increased pressure primarily
due to loss of habitat. Although neither genus is under any eminent threat it would be irresponsible to wait for a change in its status before
acting to manage the captive holdings.

How will this studbook be managed?
NAPPSR are sub-studbooks of the ESF (European Studbook Foundation) studbooks Pelusios & Pelomedusa. Currently it will be managed by
Josh Hunkele and Ferry Grünewald (ESF Pelusios Studbook Keeper) and will follow the guidelines set forth by ESF studbooks. Additional
North American coordinators will be actively recruited.

What can I expect if I join the studbook?
You will join a group of like-minded persons with a vested interested in the captive management of Pelusios and Pelomedusa. The goal is to
facilitate an exchange of information about the captive husbandry and breeding of these species among persons working with them. This will be
done through the NAPPSR Yahoo Group, NAPPSR website and ESF annual report outlining the status of these species in North America.
Your information will remain private and will not be shared with other participants or in the annual report (except holding numbers) unless
permission is given. Participation in the NAPPSR Yahoo Group is also completely voluntary.

Your animals will remain yours. Participation is voluntary (and free) though continued correspondence with the studbook keeper is appreciated
it will be expected that you provide an annual update of husbandry and breeding practices and collection status (births, deaths, etc.). If at any
time you decide to part with or can no longer care for studbook animals it is requested that they be offered first to other studbook participants
as it is important that animals (and their genes) not be lost from the studbook.

Which animals can join the studbook?
Any Pelusios or Pelomedusa is invited to join the Record, though not all animals may be suitable for the Studbook. Single animals with no
intention of being bred, hybrids, and offspring of overly successful parents can still provide vital information and be part of the Record though it
would be best to contact the studbook keeper for clarification.

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